We are community of programmers. Our community is lead by professionals who have broad experience in competitve programming and software development. Our community mentors are working at top companies and providing mentorship to candidates across different colleges. We provide learning courses to make you a better programmer.

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Codeshala For Kids

20 - 25 Sessions
We believe anybody can CODE. We are excited to inspire the young generation and make them know how to code. We make the students familiar with the present technologies and also inculcate them with the ability to learn these technologies. Apart from this, we prepare our students for INOI, ZOI and IOI.

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Full Stack Web Development Using Node.JS

20 - 25 Sessions
The course is designed to make students understand basics of how the web works and make them develop frontend using popular frameworks like bootstrap and backend using Node.js with MongoDB database. This course involves developing projects which will transform a beginner in development to a professional developer and have their resume outshine others.

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Introduction to Programming using C

Starting From 2019-01-19

22 - 25 Sessions
Programming knowledge is indispensable in today’s world, and learning to code is one of the most valuable and useful things you should do. Whether you’re starting your career, moving up to the next level in a career, or just excited to learn a new skill, there is no time like the present to start learning, and this program offers everything you need to get up to speed—with no prior programming skills required.

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Problem Solving with Data Structures & Algorithms-1

Starting From 2019-01-19

22 - 25 Sessions
This course is mix of algorithms and data-structures. You are going to learn basic algorithms and implementation of data-structures. Teaching how to implement an algorithm and how to choose the right set of data-structures to solve the question is the primary goal of this course.

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Coding Interview Preparation

Starting From 2019-01-19

20 - 25 Sessions
This course is beneficial for the candidates who are going to participate in campus placements. Course includes all the topics algorithms, data structures, Object-Oriented Programming, OS, DB and Networking which are essential components of a technical interview of different companies.

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Problem Solving with Data Structures & Algorithms-2

Starting From 2019-01-19

22 - 30 Sessions
This course provides a comprehensive explanation of different types of graph, graph algorithms, strings algorithms, trie, segment tree, dynamic programming etc. Throughout the course a step by step approach is followed to make you understand different algorithms.

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Course Feedbacks By Our Students

Jatin  Bansal

Intern at Amazon | Placed at Amazon
If i want to give credits to anyone after my parents, then it is codeshala. Codeshala provided me with everything to become a better programmer. I was just a rock, codeshala made me gold. Almost every question that i encountered in Amazon interview was in the codeshala assignments . I just want to thank Chandan sir for his contribution and guidance and for being the best mentor any student can get. No doubt codeshala is the best place to learn.

Samiksha  Bansal

Intern at Amazon
It was a fruitful learning experience. There was always an enthusiastic environment that made coding a lot more fun ! Classes were always interactive. Assignments, INS , Contests everything was great. It has really improved my programming skills. I am very satisfied and feel happy that I have inculcated the zest for coding.

Sahil  Ahuja

Intern at Amazon
Codeshala a pathway to achieve success. I really want to thank codeshala team especially Chandan sir for helping me understand the programming techniques. Questions from your assignments came straight into my amazon technical interview and your session to write code on paper helped me to visualize my enhanced my skills and i was able to write code more confidently and accurately.. codeshala team you guys rock 👍👌 i recommend everyone to join the codeshala classes if you are struggling with the programming. they have a number of effective assignments, which makes the concepts clear...

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